All types of things can be crafted in Sword of the New World: Granado Esepada. Yup.

List of Materials

Metal Edit

Materials that can be collected from monsters include:

The following are crafted, usually by a Smith:

SteelPiece Steel Piece 1x IronPiece Iron Piece 1x BulkCoal Bulk Coal
CompositeSteel Composite Steel 5x SteelPiece Steel Pieces 1x BulkCoal Bulk Coal
CastIron Cast Iron 4x SteelPiece Steel Pieces 1x CopperPiece Copper Piece

Minerals Edit

The following drop off of monsters:

By talking to a Smith, you can turn the above ingredients into Refined and Pure versions. Refined always requires 4x of the basic material, Pure always requires 3x of the Refined material (so 12x of the basic material, total).

Crafting Items Edit

There are three parts in crafting an item. Part one is to get the recipe for the item that you want to craft. You can get the recipe from loot, the blacksmith and the market. Part two is to get the required items for the recipe Part three is to make the item. Andre and Idge can make armour. Claude and Adelina can make melee weapons. Grace and Lorch can make range weapons. Cannons can be created by Jose. Magic weapons can be created by M'Boma. Mia Karjalain can create Accessory items.