• 1: Earring
  • 2: Necklace
  • 3: Body Armor
  • 4: Main Weapon
  • 5: Belt
  • 6: Off Weapon/Shield
  • 7: Ring
  • 8: Gloves
  • 9: Ring
  • 10: Shoes

Weapons Edit

Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Magic Weapons. Info to be added.

Armor Edit

Robes, Coats, Leather Armor, Metal Armor. Info to be added.

Everything Else Edit

Shields, Necklaces, Rings, Gloves, Shoes. Info to be added.

Equipment Upgrading Edit

Upgrading weapons and armor is a way to increase their effectiveness. Idge Imbrulia in Reboldeaux, Soho in The Port of Coimbra, and Vincent Rio in The City of Auch offer Upgrading services in exchange for Vis Vis. Each upgrade level increases ATK or DEF, and starting at +5, increases ATK Rating or DEF Rating. Weapons also receive a glowing effect at +5, the color of which changes with each subsequent upgrade.

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InstrumentsRodsStavesSpecial Bracelets
Bracelets of FireBracelets of IceBracelets of Lightning