Shot Kneeling
A kneeling stance for the rifle. It has very good accuracy with a long range but forces the user to remain immobile while firing.
Type Ranged (Gun)
Level 24
Taught ???
Main Hand Rifle001 Rifles
Bayonet001 Bayonets
Off Hand
ATK: +25%
ATK Speed:
Lvl Skill Points
1 ChargingShot Charging Shot 1
8 Pierce Pierce 2
16 ExecutionShooter Execution Shooter 3

Classes Edit

Notes Edit

  • While in Kneeling shot the character cannot move. They can still loot items that are right next to them, however.
  • In Harvest Mode, your other characters will ignore items that your character in Kneeling Shot Stance would normally have picked up. It's best to switch to solo mode(F9) and order someone else to loot.
  • In Defend Mode, your character will try to attack the nearest enemy. If the nearest enemy is too close for the character to shoot (Rifles has a small minimal range), he/she will not auto-attack anything until all close enemies are killed or moved out of range.
  • In Hold Mode, your character will try to attack the nearest enemy that they can attack. If the enemy is too close, the character will switch to the next nearest if there is one available.